Post-Doctoral Researcher in silicon micro-nanofabrication technology

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18 months Post-doctoral position in the frame of the European Research Council project “Unconventional Principles of Thermoelectric Generation” (ERC StG n°338179) (6 months extension optional)

Position availability:

The starting date is as early as possible, and the call for candidates will be open until the position is filled.

Scientific context:

Societal, environmental and technological concerns raised by energy production stimulate research efforts toward reliable, safe and abundant energy sources. Thermoelectricity, the conversion of a heat flux into electric power, fulfils these criteria. However, its poor efficiency restrain its use to niche markets. Improving these performances requires obtaining materials properties such as: a large Seebeck coefficient, large electrical conductivity and a low thermal conductivity. It has recently been proved that an artificial nanoscale patterning, also known as phononic engineering, is able to dramatically decrease the lattice thermal conductivity in silicon membranes. Such artificial silicon structures are envisioned as alternative, efficient, thermoelectric materials. The UPTEG project aims at testing this opportunity by patterning, integrating and evaluating the thermoelectric properties of silicon patterned membranes.

Main responsibilities:

  • The researcher will design, fabricate and characterize micrometric suspended platforms aimed at testing the electrical, thermal, and thermoelectric properties of various silicon nanostructures.
  • Report on the project progress and redact scientific publications.
  • Participate to the knowledge transfer and trainings within the group.

Candidate skills:

The candidate must own a PhD in Physics/ Micro-Nanotechnology with a strong technological background. Clean-room fabrication processes such as implant, e-beam lithography, plasma etching, lift-off processes are necessary.

Rigorous, organized, data tractability, reporting, timeliness

Oral and written English, ability to report and publish

Autonomy, self-learning, trouble management, creativity

Motivation, technology enthusiast, curiosity

Relationship building, open minded, respect of rules and customs, team working

Administrative framework / Salary:

The candidate will be hired by ISEN | Yncréa Hauts-de France.

The work is to take place in the Silicon Microelectronics group at IEMN.

Salary/ Benefits : 2000€ net / Health insurance / Paid vacations (8 weeks)



Please send your resume, publication record and references by email to:

Jean-François Robillard,

Associate Professor at IEMN/ISEN, Principal Investigator of the UPTEG project

Phone : +33 3 20 19 79 18

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